Why make standards?

Good standards save money

Clear standards enable effective commercial policy: they allow you to compare suppliers in a global marketplace, they enable you to test and sign-off your systems comprehensively and they keep your suppliers on their toes with a credible threat to swap out bad systems. Good standards are at the heart of automation, saving admin time and reducing training.

Let people do what people do best

People are good at making judgements when presented with clear, consistent, standardised data. People are bad at re-typing information or moving data around between diverse systems. Whether it's an investigator trying to piece the puzzle together, an engineer trying to fix a bug or a manager trying to see the full picture: standards let people use their judgement and analytical skills to investigate and make accountable decisions.

Better audit and reduced mistakes

Clear standards reduce misunderstandings and mistakes. Without a clear standard, any audit will give chaotic results that don't tally and fail to stand up to scrutiny.